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I ruined the reverse mortgage industry.

Welcome to the Anti Bush website. This website is primary dedicated to promoting the failures of President Bush’s administration. After almost completing a two-term rule of almost eight years the Bush administration has very little if anything of positive value to report. Apart from spending millions on wars that has cost the Government and people of U.S lots of lives and money, the Bush administration has led the country to a financial crisis, the likes of which have not been seen in long time.  

We at this site believe that Bush has done more harm than good and cannot wait for his term of office to expire. Of all the evils that he caused, the worst has been all he did and did not do that has hurt the reverse mortgage industry so. The reverse mortgage industry is a very important one as it plays a key role in helping retired seniors. Its downslide would deny a lot of old people who are presently retired and with limited options a means to properly fend for themselves or benefit from their asset. 

The Bush administration did much to hurt the reverse mortgage industry by not doing what it was supposed to do. In a free economy the forces of demand and supply and the natural workings in the market place are allowed to rein free and account for distribution of wealth. However in actual fact there is hardly an economy that is 100% allowed to run free. Greedy business people and corporations must be constantly put in check and regulatory bodies must be in place to make sure that an industry conforms to ethics and sound practices. The Bush administration cannot be blamed for not having these regulatory bodies in place; they can only be blamed for having a bunch of sleeping regulatory bodies.

Bush Why Did You Raise
The Reverse Mortgage Interest Rates!!!

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